Shraine Campbell, K-12 Music Education

Shraine Campbell has been an elementary Music teacher for twenty years within the Department of Education.  Throughout those years, she has shared her passion in music education, drama, and dance with all of her music students.

Ms. Campbell started with her love of music at the year of two, singing and listening to records.  She loved to perform for family members on occasion, using her pretend microphone.  Her real musical experience began at her elementary school and in church when she sang in the school chorus and on her church Youth choir in Brooklyn.  The Bethel Baptist Youth church choir gave her opportunities to travel to other churches to sing for various congregations.  Ms. Campbell sang her first solo in church and from then on, she continued singing solos which led to the opportunity to sing as soloist at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for one of the choir’s concerts.  In her last year in high school, she entered into a Vocal contest for classical singing.  She made it to Nationals and won a second-place scholarship for college.  This inspired her to continue her musical journey at Purchase College (SUNY) where she received her Bachelors in Music.  During her studies in college and after, she continued to sing at church and performed in various places like The Performance Arts theater at Purchase college, the Cotton Club and Ms. Campbell also traveled and recorded with the Grammy award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle choir.

Ms. Campbell believes that the music journey for every student she teaches will build their confidence, enhance academic ability and help them to gain exposure to different cultural and social experiences.

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